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We are seeking volunteers!

Please register below if you would like to be considered for a volunteer position.

Each volunteer must be available to work during their whole shift (a minimum of 3 hours-Maximum of 6 with a half hour break). You must be dependable and reliable. You must be available to attend a meeting and training (time and place to be determined) prior to the event.
You will receive a day pass for each day you volunteer to work at least 3 hours. You can earn meal credits for additional hours worked.


Security Team! You must be DPSST certified. You will be watching for any non-permitted activities and will be doing crowd control during the concerts. You will check ID at the gate and check in reservations from an electronic source. 

Parking Control: You will be responsible for staging, setting, and controlling parking during open gate hours.

Kitchen Staff: You will be responsible for prep, order preparing, window/order taking, BBQing, serving plates etc.

Crowd Control: You will make sure that VIP areas are secure and not accessible to GA, as well as help with staging of courses for events such as The Last Dab Standing, the 4x4 Obstacle Course, Glassblowing Demos etc.

Facilities: You will be needed prior to the event, during and after the event to assure proper set up of tents, staging, lighting, generators and more.