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All you need to know...

More Questions?


The Host:

SIN 710

253 E Main St

Klamath Falls OR 97603


TEL: 541-508-0370


Can I bring a pet?

-There is a strict no pet policy due to insurance and liabilities. The only exception is service animals.


Where is the event located? 

This event is located at 6500 Egert Rd in Dairy Oregon. Make sure you don't put egert rd in bonanza. It is about 15-20 minutes east of klamath falls.

Is this an all-ages event?

There are no age restrictions for camping or attending. There are family friendly areas, and very strict age-restricted areas. This is not a child-focused event, and the content contained may not be suitable for all ages. We recognize every parents right to choose, and we don't deny you that right. We will do our best to accommodate your needs and we offer a separate area, private from the hustle for you to camp if you choose.

Are you serving alcohol?

No! We are not able to provide you any alcohol. The laws are very strict regarding private parties and the serving of alcohol. Since this is a private party, we cannot serve, or provide alcohol to you. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Can I build a fire?
There will be a strict no fire policy as we will be in prime wildfire season in southern Oregon. It will be plenty warm, however.

Can I cancel my reservation?
You may cancel your reservation at any time, up until 7 days prior to the event. We reserve the right to deduct a 20% processing charge for the cancellation. Cancellation within 7 days of the scheduled event are not allowed. rain out or acts of god are not covered for refunds.

Can I give my reservation away?

Reservation are not transferable. The reservation is only good for the person it was intended for. 

Will there be showers?
No, there will not be showers available. 

Will there be bathrooms?
There will be portable restrooms available.

Will there be food?
There will be a concession stand that will serve the standard concession menu, and meal options You will need to bring cash To purchase meals and food. Or provide/prepare your own at your own site.

Can I cook at my campsite?

Yes, you may prepare meals at your site with controlled propane units. You may not build a fire for cooking.

Is power available?
Power will not be available for use. You will be responsible for using your own generators or power sources.

Where can I reserve my spot?
You can reserve your location by visiting SIN710 for an invitation, located at 253 E Main Street Klamath Falls, OR 97601. You can also go to brownpapertickets.com or click on the "BUY NOW" tab in the menu on this site.

Is this a public event?

NO! The gates will not be open to the public. This is not an open invitation. All attendees are selected and permitted to attend. All attendees agree to a code of conduct. This is a private party hosted by Sin 710 for our customers, friends, family, and loyal fans. 

Is there fishing or swimming?
There is a reservoir available on the ranch, but it is not within walking distance (Unless you're up for the hike?). If you bring a 4x4, dirtbike, or vehicle, you can drive to the reservoir and use it at full access. There are small paddle boats available on a first come, first served basis. There are fish in the reservoir for fishing. STRICT CATCH AND RELEASE ONLY!!!! It is a nice little break from the hustle of the party. You'll be glad you checked it out. There will be a metal-frame pool open for use, but it will not stay in very good condition throughout the weekend and there may be leaches in the stream. use at your own risk?

I am sensitive to stimuli, will there be lazers and strobe lights?
Yes! The production team will have lazers, lights, beams, and strobes for effects. Please use caution if you are sensitive to these types of stimuli.

i want to come out for the day and don't want to camp... can i do that?

Yes! admission is paid separate from camping. you can buy an admission ticket without paying for camping. 

Are there vip tickets available?

This year we are focusing on giving back to the vip attendees from years prior. Therefore, no additional vip will be available this year.

Can I bring my toys, 4x4, quads, bikes, etc? 

YES! Please do! But please be respectful and observe all NO AUTO ZONES! You must also sign the waiver found under 4x4 in the menu! To compete for cash prizes, pay the $40 entry fee.