VIP tickets are available this year. There will be a limited number of VIP available based on the number of tickets sold and/or projected ticket sales. Ticket cost will be $160 in advance. They may be available at the event as an upgrade ($200) if available. To see what is included with the ticket, click here. These are available to 21+ ONLY, except for legal, current OMMP card-holders.




Set times are subject to change without notice. All efforts are made to ensure accurate, up-to-date information. We are unable to guarantee any set time. We will not provide refunds for changes to set times or set lists.




Due to a change in venue for 2020, local travel options are not yet available. We are working with local businesses to secure the best rates and packages for your travel needs. If you need help planning your trip, reach out and we are willing to work with you on a case-by-case basis by listening to your needs!




Shuttle service MAY be available. Stay tuned!




There are NOT lockers available. You are responsible for your own belongings. We do not advise you to leave any valuable unattended or locked in vehicles. We provide security to protect you and your belongings, but we can not be responsible for loss or theft that may occur.




ATM's will not be available. Host and some vendors may allow debit/credit card sales, but due to limited data and cell service, it may not be available or functional at all times. Please consider bringing cash. The nearest ATM is located approximately 15 miles. 


Parking is $5/day/vehicle, or $10/weekend/vehicle. Camping passes and VIP passes include parking for 1 vehicle. Parking passes are not transferable. All proceeds for parking go directly to the venue.


If you are unhappy for some reason, or we made a mistake, we will do everything we can to make it right. Please let us know if you have an issue. We do have a strict no refund policy on tickets, but we are willing to work with you on a solution that works for everyone. 


Camping is DRY camping only. There are no RV hookups. Please Leave No Trace. Trash and recycling bags provided, and dumpster on site for disposal. Please manage your own trash. Portable restrooms only. No showers available. There is a trucking center within 5 miles away available for use. Food service/concessions available. Unreliable cell/data service, so be prepared.




Tickets are available online, in store or at select partner locations up until July 9, 2020. Tickets will be available at the gate for an additional $10. Parking not included.




You may purchase tickets at the gate, but we reserve the right to include a surcharge up to 15%. If VIP tickets are still available, you may purchase them at the gate, or upgrade your ticket type.  Gate prices TBA.




You'll be provided a wristband for your admission type. You must have it on at all times. If you remove your wristband, it will void the validity. In case of accidental damage, you must return the wristband for validation and replacement.  You will need your ID, and/or ticket stub in order to validate the damaged wristband. The serial number must also be visible and legible in order to receive a replacement. Anyone caught without a wristband may be permanently banned for the remainder of the event, and/or permanently banned from any future events. Anyone caught trying to manipulate the wristband will be permanently banned from participation, temporarily or permanently. Anyone caught providing their VIP wristband to another attendee, will lose their VIP privilege and possibly banned from the event, temporarily or permanently. We will not tolerate thieves, liars and manipulators.



You will be required to provide your ticket if you bought a physical ticket, or ID for will-call tickets. For age-restricted areas and activities, you will need to show proof of OMMP and/or a valid state-issued ID. Please have all documents ready to make it a fast process and keep the lines moving. If you pay to park on site, we will provide you a parking pass. Only one vehicle per camp site please. Others must use weekend or day lot for parking. We will record your vehicle make, model and color with your vehicle pass. We will also record all names of attendees for records and liability. Children 12 and under will not be identified by name. 



Children 12 and under are free with a paid adult. Please note that not all content may be suitable for all audiences. There is a family-friendly camping area available. There are some children-appropriate activities available, but children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. 
Age restricted areas are for 21+ only. No exception. These areas are guarded by security.



This is a private event. In order to maintain compliance with OLCC rules, we are unable to sell, serve, or provide any alcoholic beverages to you. 




Weather is beyond our control. We do not take any responsibility for inclement weather and can not offer refunds in the event of undesirable weather. The event will go on, regardless of the weather conditions. Please note, weather in the high dessert can be unpredictable. Please expect hot, dry conditions during the day and chilly nights. You will want to bring plenty of water to stay hydrated. You may bring a swimsuit to cool off in the pools. It is dry, dusty and dirty. Don't wear white.




You may bring a tent, camper, RV or other sleeping arrangements if you have paid for camping or a weekend pass. You are permitted to bring your own food and beverages, cooking appliances, and other equipment. You are allowed and encouraged to bring your own water, shade tents, canopies, tables, camp chairs etc. Raised BBQ pits may be used, but propane is encouraged. Open flame is strongly discouraged,and must be a minimum of 24" above ground. Extreme fire danger. Please use caution.

LED poi and other forms of entertainment allowed and encouraged. Please bring your own entertainment as well!

ATV's, dirtbikes, quads, OHVs are allowed. Riders and drivers must wear protective gear or meet standard safety requirements, as well as sign a release of liability. You must ride at your own risk and obey all posted rules and riding areas at all times.

Generators are permitted.




Fireworks, flaming POI and other devices and equipment are prohibited. No weapons or guns, except where permitted by law.