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Important Dates & Events

To participate in any of the activities, please contact us!


710 Shootout at Camp Sesh

Watch these incredible trucks bog through the swamps of the Ranch as they compete, head-to-head for bragging rights and a trophy! 

Glass Blowing Demonstrations & Competitions

Watch a handful of local artists as they spin glass in front of a torch and melt glass into beautiful, functional art. You won't want to miss this!  You will walk away with a whole new appreciation for the art of glassworking.

Meet at the Pole! 4:20 Sesh Daily

Every day at 4:20, we gather at the flag pole for a friendly meet-and-greet cooperative style sesh. Bring your friends and best buds, lets relax for a minute and remember what this is all about...

7:10 Rise & Grind Saturday Sesh

See you at the flag pole... that is, if you're awake for a wake 'n bake sesh.

Park & Spark Midnight Movie Fri & Sat

Pull up a seat, blanket, or sleeping bag, and watch an all-time stoner favorite. Puff, puff, pass, and laugh your ass off as we watch Super Troopers 2 on Friday night, and another favorite on Saturday.

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​Pregame Party!

4:00 PM / JULY 11, 2019

Available to sponsors, vendors, volunteers, performers, and work crews. 


Gates Open

12:00 PM / JULY 12, 2019

We open the gates at 12:00 p.M. sharp! Get in, get set up, get ready for the fun!

Inaugural Sesh

4:20 PM / JULY 12, 2019

We will raise the flag yet again to 2019, and get the party started right.
Park & Spark: Midnight Movie

12:00 AM / JULY 13, 2019


Pull up your camp chair, or a blanket and a bowl. Lets watch a classic stoner favorite on the big screen.


710 Shootout (4x4 Competition)

11:00 AM / JULY 13, 2019


4x4 trucks will smash through a custom obstacle course that you'll NOT want to miss!

The Last Dab Standing Contest

4:00 PM / JULY 13, 2019


Sign Up when you get here! Just pay for your own dab straw and you're set to compete! Do YOU have what it takes to be our next champion?

Glassblowing Competition Awards

4:20 PM / JULY 13, 2019


Sign up with you book your reservation! This is free for Camp seshers!

Saturday Concert Kickoff

7:10 PM / JULY 13, 2019

You'll hear from some incredible regional and local artists! Stick around for a meet and greet, and check out the artists' merchandise booths.

Park & Spark: Midnight Movie

12:00 AM / JULY 14, 2019


Pull up your camp chair, or a blanket and a bowl. Lets watch a classic stoner favorite on the big screen.


Awards Ceremony

12:00 PM / JULY 14, 2019


Awards ceremony: Boro Derby, 4x4 Competition